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The Museum der Moderne Salzburg is proud to present a comprehensive survey of Israeli sculptor and video installation artist Sigalit Landau. Presented at both the museum’s venues―Rupertinum and Mönchsberg―the exhibition constitutes Landau’s first solo show at a museum in the German-speaking countries.



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Sigalit Landau, Salt Years

Museum der Moderne, Salzburg (Austria)

06.07 - 17.11.2019




Exhibition July 6–November 17, 2019. Museum der Moderne Salzburg  Mönchsberg , Mönchsberg 32  - 5020 Salzburg (Austria). T +43 662 842220403. Hours: Tuesday–Sunday 10am–6pm, Wednesday 10am–8pm







Sigalit Landau (b. Jerusalem, IL, 1969) is one of Israel’s most prominent contemporary artists of her generation. For over fifteen years, the Dead Sea has been a source of inspiration and a laboratory for Landaus’ video works, photographic series’ and salt sculptures. Her site-specific work, in a variety of mediums, relates to private and collective memory, archaic and utopic myths, and to present day issues of the human condition. Using a diverse range of materials, while interacting with the human body, Landau weaves the social with the intimate, the historical with the private, the local with narratives of epic scale. The exhibition at the Museum der Moderne Salzburg will premier salt-crystallized sculptures and installations created by Landau throughout her years of work at the Dead Sea. Almost as a ritual, she and her team have been immersing objects in the saturated saline waters of this unique lake. Some of the submerged objects are hand made from specific and symbolic materials, e.g. fishing nets or barbed wire, others from personal belongings, and many of these objects stand for a world that has gone missing. Through the submersion in the water of the lake, these sculptures are then coated in salt-crystals, becoming fragile creations imbued with a terrifying beauty, reminiscent of archaeological finds that tell of the unceasing transformation of all things and of the darkest chapters in the history of the 20th century.

The artist describes her salt pieces as conceptual readymades. In the galleries of the museum at the Mönchsberg, she will arrange them in site specific choreographed installations. A selection of her videos, which relate to the Dead Sea and also to the Mediterranean seashore, will be shown on two gallery floors at the Rupertinum. In these works, Landau addresses questions of female identity and bodily experience as well as the political situation in Israel and the man-made disaster and consequential threat to the Dead Sea itself. Titled Salt Years, the monographic exhibition gathers a selection of expansive installations featuring salt sculptures, a series of photographs made in collaboration with Yotam From, and 13 video works.

The daughter of Jewish immigrants with Austrian roots, Sigalit Landau grew up in Jerusalem; her family also spent several years in Philadelphia and London. She studied at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. Over the past twenty-five years, the interdisciplinary artist has built an extensive oeuvre spanning video and installation art, photography, and sculpture that has drawn wide international acclaim. Landau is fascinated by biblical and mythological narratives and the expressive-figurative traditions of art history. Many of her works feature her own body in a central role, reflecting her training in dance. Her creative practice also undertakes an interpretation of the history and nature of her native country in order to initiate a process of healing and to build bridges between communities that would seem to be living in different worlds.

Curators: Thorsten Sadowsky with Marijana Schneider

Sigalit Landau, Littoral, 2017.  Readymades (stool, fishing nets, crocheted tablecloths, woven wicker cradle), coated in salt crystals. Photo: Yotam From.

Sigalit Landau, Littoral, 2017.  Readymades (stool, fishing nets, crocheted tablecloths, woven wicker cradle), coated in salt crystals. Photo: YotamFrom.

Sigalit Landau, Salt Years, Museum der Moderne, Salzburg

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