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Chilean artist Patricia Domínguez explores mestizo rituals and healing practices emerging in the contact zones between the coloniser and the colonised. Informed by the study of ethnobotany in South America, her first UK solo exhibition invites the viewer to envision possible futures for humans, plants and animals thriving in the cracks of modernity.



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International Archives 2nd half of 2019

Patricia Domínguez, Green Irises

Gaswork, London (United Kingdom)

04.07 - 08.09.2019




Orla Barry and Els Dietvorst, Wintrum Frod, Mu.ZEE, Ostende

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Exhibition July 4 –September 8, 2019. Gasworks, 155 Vauxhall Street - London SE11 5RH (United Kingdom). Hours : Wed-Sun, 12-6pm or by appointment. Free admission







The exhibition features a series of cybernetic altars and totem figures that combine talismanic objects with corporate shirts, consumer electronics and healing plants as a way to confront the effects of neoliberalism on the body. Ceramics, watercolours and assemblages of found objects are gathered around a multi-screen video installation entitled Eyes of Plants. In the video, a 3D model of a pre-Columbian vase embodying a crying duck serves as an avatar to mourn the many indigenous worlds suppressed by colonial power.

Halfway between science fiction and ethnographic surrealism, the exhibition embraces a range of hybrid histories, from the syncretic worship of Our Lady of Cerro Rico, an infamous silver mine in Bolivia where eight million natives died, to the archaeological museum inside Scotiabank’s head office in Cusco, built on top of the ruins of an Incan palace.

Patricia Domínguez’ exhibition is commissioned and produced by Gasworks, with generous support from Lazo Cordillera, Fundación Engel, Fundación AMA and SCAN. Gasworks exhibition programme is supported by Catherine Petitgas and Gasworks Exhibitions Supporters.

Patricia Domínguez,  Eyes of Plants  (film still), 2019. Commissioned by Gasworks.


Patricia Domínguez,  Eyes of Plants  (capture d’écran), 2019. Commande de Gasworks.