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Vertigo - An exhibition that expands the concept of vertigo to reflect an age of dramatic change.

We usually associate the term vertigo with the physical and sensory experience of being disoriented. It is a physical reaction to an external force that affects us, causing the world to blur and flicker before our eyes and making us lose our bearings.



International exhibitions

International Archives 1st half of 2022


ARoS Aarhus Art Museum (Denmark)

09.04 - 11.09.2022




In Vertigo ARoS extend the concept to comprise a mental state that mirrors a world marked by the violent changes that we have all been experiencing in recent years. The digital society, pandemics and climate upheaval are all highly topical phenomena while, at the same time, rendering both the present and the future intangible and abstract

The exhibition presents five installation works by five prominent contemporary artists from different parts of the world. In addition to their visual qualities the works share a high degree of complexity, thus reflecting the contemporary world in which they were created. Without actually being political the works relate to society at large by pointing to the complexity of human existence, to name just an example.

Artists in Vertigo

Cao Fei (b.1978, China): Nova, 2019

Jeremy Shaw (b.1977, Canada): Phase Shifting Index, 2020

Julian Charrière (b.1987, Switzerland): Vertigo, 2021

Trisha Baga (b.1985, USA): Mollusca & The Pelvic Floor, 2018

Ann Lislegaard (b.1962, Denmark): Crystal World, 2006

Exhibition 09 April - 11 September 2022.  ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, Aros Allé 2 - 8000 Aarhus (Denmark). T +45 87 30 66 00. Hours: Tuesday–Friday 10am–9pm, Saturday–Sunday 10am–5pm







Vertigo, ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, Denmark

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