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Step into the wondrous world of Haegue Yang! SMK presents the first solo exhibition in Denmark by the acclaimed South Korean artist. In Double Soul, you can experience an extensive selection of her enticing works featuring sound, illumination, scent and movement to stir multiple senses.



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Haegue Yang - Double Soul

National Gallery of Denlmark, Copenhague (Denmark)

05.03 - 31.07.2022




Multisensory installations and movable sculptures

Rotating blinds, glowing light bulbs, rattling bells and the scent of gunpowder and wild flowers. Yang is known for her distinctive sculptures and large installations that engage the senses and incorporate a wide range of materials, from drying racks and turbine vents to peacock feathers, artificial plants and nylon pom-poms.

Reflections and shadows

The exhibition title, Double Soul, refers to Yang’ preoccupation with doubling and pairing seemingly disparate dualities. Her works explore the connections between apparent contradictions such as traditional and modern culture, industry and craft as well as the quotidian and the exceptional.

Such a duality is also found in Yang’ biography, as she resides alternately in Seoul and Berlin as well as received art education in South Korea and Germany. In her art, Yang addresses concerns such asa dual-, multiple- or non-belonging as well as isolation, aloneness and community—nd several of her works spring from her own sense of not fully belonging anywhere.

Exhibition 05 March - 31 July 2022. National Gallery of Denmark, Solvgade 48-50 –1307 Copenhague K. (Denmark). T. +45 33 74 84 94. Hours : Tuesday –Sunday 10 –6 –Wednesday 10 –8.







Haegue Yang - Double Soul, National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhague

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