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To inaugurate the new Hermès Flagship in “ 3 place Vendôme”, Doha, Qatar, the famous luxury brand wished to highlight Alexis Tricoire's universe, committed to sustainable development. His proposal was to create an unexpected 2000m2 organic shape architecture with a succession of woven bamboo caves. He brought life with his biomimetic creations based on recycled industrial materials, in continuity with his previous works made in iconic places. This setup, in front of the Persic Golf, gave the opportunity to Tricoire Design studio to share again his message beyond the europeens borders about the significance of recycling for nature's preservation.



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Alexis Tricoire, Doha’s gardens

Flagship 3 place Vendôme, Doha (Qatar)




Guest were invited for a tremandous experience in this poetic setup enhanced by the talented light designer David Debrinay ( and the famous sound designer Alain Français( The party was animated by many performing artist : singers, dancers, gastronomic chef… Each alcove of this surprising architecture accommodates an artistic installation based on recycled brushes.

The journey starts under the orange light tree then invites us to pass under the up side down garden with his two giant anacondas facing three dancing birds flying over the hills landscape. In a second time we discover the Dome's constellation made of a recycled brushed.The main stage hosting the artists is framed by amazing fountains in sprays of metal shimmering blue.Then we turn over a cloudy landscape where we can observe a monkey, peacefully sited on the land.The journey continues in a vault inhabited by luminous headdresses which leads us outside to a flock of mocking birds. From the terrace facing the sea, behind the bamboo hills appears Doha'skyline.

Alexis Tricoire -Tricoire Design Agency), A leader in vegetal design for the past fifteen years

Alexis Tricoire places the living in the heart of our daily life. His main purpose iis to strengthen the link between urban people and nature through unexpected poetic installations. He works as well in places with strong frequentation like stations, malls and head offices, as in cultural spaces: museums, art centers and exhibitions' places.

His point of view on nature is always sensitive to the respect of the environment. At the same time, he creates scenography related to the recycling's issues and biodiversity's preservation to awar the public of the importance of ecological subject, in particular at a time when we have to adapt ourselves to changing world.

His universe develops an imaginary world where all sorts of animal and vegetable creatures come to life, made from decommissioned or recycled industrial products.

Through a creative process linked to biomimetism, these elements resonate with the places hosting them to create hybrid and phantasmagorical landscapes poetically questioning us on the meaning of the relationship between humans and plants.

Alexis Tricoire is co-founder of the association Jiboiana, which works with indigenous communities in the Amazon to protect and replant the primary forest and build artesian wells.

Opening celebration in Novembre 2022.   Flagship 3 place Vendôme - Doha (Qatar).





Alexis Tricoire, Doha’s gardens, Flagship 3 place Vendôme, Doha, Qatar

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